This biographical history of the French Foreign Legion is recounted through the eyes of famous and infamous members of this élite regiment. Men like St. Arnaud, whose courage earned him the baton of a Maréchal de France but who was still a venal and perfidious rogue; or men like Maréchal MacMahon, who led the Legion in the Crimean war and became President of France.
There were poets like the American, Alan Seeger, killed in the trenches, and writers like Blaise Cendrars, who heard a dying legionnaire describe how he robbed the Bank of England.
Officers like Colonel Elkington, who was cashiered for cowardice only to be reinstated with honours by George V; and the one woman to join the Legion, Susan Travers, who has told of how she survived running the gauntlet of the Afrika Korps.
Those and so many more like them are The Legion.


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