At the end of the Second World War a Bristol Buckingham bomber crashes high up on the Baltoro Glacier with a precious cargo aboard—gold. One of the men who failed to find and rescue the crew of the bomber is Edward Grayling, obsessed for more than twenty years by that gold hoard.
Now that the plane is poised to reappear in one of the Baltoro icefalls, he and his family are going to scale the glacier and recover the gold. But Grayling is not aware that the ice-locked bomber contains something more vital, a secret that neither the British nor the Americans can allow the world to know.
Which is why Cready-Smythe joins Brodie and Shane Kingslake in an attempt to reach the plane first and destroy the evidence it contains. But others are also interested, notably the Chinese, who also know about the secret, though not everything. Who will win this three-way race, fraught with danger and death at every step?
Or will the Baltoro icefall have the last word?


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