One of the most gifted plastic surgeons of his era, the New Zealander Sir Archibald McIndoe became famous in the Thirties for transforming the faces and figures of the rich and famous through nose-bobbing, face-lifting, breast-moulding.
But the war saw ‘Archie’ in another role, repairing the burned faces and hands of those hundreds of heroes,
Battle of Britain pilots who had crashed.
So badly scarred were most of them that Archie had to reinvent plastic surgery to remodel their faces.
He also had to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives by treating their mental problems.
For that he invented what he called his Guinea Pig Club, which continued long after his death to help his old patients.
Archie also picked pretty nurses many of whom married their patients. Archie had to fight the Air Ministry for many of the concessions granted his Guina Pigs. McIndoe’s Battles became legendary during the war.


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