When curious earth tremors shake the Roof of the World and these coincide with an outbreak of a mysterious disease, the WHO sends a medical team into the Hunza Valley to investigate.
The WHO serves as cover for Paul Brodie, SIS man sent to probe the mystery. Hunza, the model for Shangri-la, is noted for the legendary health and longevity of its people. He and Shane Kingslake, the woman heading the WHO team, track the disease to a polecat, which has been irradiated, perhaps by nuclear fallout.
When they create a vaccine Chinese soldiers descend on the WHO camp and take Shane and Brodie into China as virtual prisoners. They discover the Chinese have been using nuclear explosions to divert rivers and the fallout must have caused a virus mutation in the polecat.
They keep their vaccine secret and use their immunity to foil the Chinese, destroy their research centre and flee across the mountains to Hunza and freedom.


Price: 3.75