This black-hearted villain began life as John Donald Merrett. In 1927 in Edinburgh he murdered his mother who had found him forging her cheques to fuel his wild life. He was seventeen. Escaping with a Not Proven verdict but with a new name, Ronald John Chesney, he married a family friend, Vera Bonar. After naval service during the war he landed a job in the Allied Control Commission in war-torn Germany. He turned to smuggling arms, cigarettes and liquor. But Chesney had fallen for a German girl and wanted the money he had placed in trust to Vera. So, he devised what he thought was the perfect crime. Using another manís passport and disguising himself to look like the passport picture, he flew into London and murdered his wife by drowning her in a bath. But her mother discovered him and he had to murder her brutally. His perfect crime in ruins, he committed suicide back in Germany. An inquest found him guilty of both murders.