This is the simple web site I created for Hugh McLeave to improve on his one page first web site from 2005.
I was looking after his small terraced garden in Menton where I mentioned that I had created a new web site "" for my family tree.
He then asked me to help him with his web site.
He scanned the front cover images of his published books except for "The Bonaparte Plot" and "Rogues In The Gallery" which we created together.
We then created new images for his unpublished books, for which he supplied the photos and I added the text in "MS Publisher".
"White Pawn On Red Square" was a more complicated photo montage.
I then converted his original manuscripts from "Word docs" to Acrobat PDF files for him and we put the new web site on line.
Unfortunately he died shortly after we had finished and his widow closed the site down.
I have re-animated his pages in my own web site in order for his works to live on.
Hugh McLeave

Born and brought up in the west of Scotland, Hugh McLeave studied history and modern languages at Glasgow University ,
spent five war years as an artillery officer in the Far East, then went into London journalism, working for twenty years in
Fleet Street with two national newspapers.
He was first a crime correspondent at
Scotland Yard , then he covered the great events in science and medicine all over the world for the News Chronicle and Daily Mail .
Among them in 1957 was a much too close-up look at an H-bomb test near Christmas Island in the mid-Pacific.
He did interviews with such disparate individuals as
J. Robert Oppenheimer , father of the A-bomb, Klaus Fuchs , the spy who revealed its secrets to the Russians,
and the first space pioneers like Yuri Gagarin and John Glen .
He knew
Jonas Salk , who made the first polio vaccine and the men who trail-blazed modern heart surgery on which he wrote the first popular book, The Risk Takers .
His forty four works, fiction and non-fiction, include five like
A Question of Negligence and No Face in the Mirror , written round his psychiatric sleuth, Gregor Maclean.
He wrote a quartet of novels around a reluctant spy who found love and "retired" to the Himalayas.
His nonfiction list comprises
The Last Pharaoh , the life of King Farouk, now being filmed.
The Bent Pyramid , he used much of the knowledge and experience he garnered writing The Last Pharaoh .
Among his other nonfiction books are a biographical history of the Foreign Legion
The Damned Die Hard , and A Man and His Mountain , the life of the painter, Paul CÚzanne.
Researching this gave him enough material to write a life of
Emile Zola , CÚzanne's bosom friend.
He also wrote a history of the most spectacular art thefts,
Rogues in the Gallery .
He lived in France for over thirty years, fifteen of them in Aix-en-Provence where Zola and CÚzanne grew up together.
McLeave spoke five languages.
Hugh McLeave died in Menton in the south of France the 6th of March 2008
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Translated into Twelve Languages.
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